We are the Boss

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First lets think about this:  Anyone who says they never made a mistake has never done anything, never solved anything,  never made a decision, never built anything.  He or she just goes along to get along.

The problem is not learning from that mistake and making the same mistake  again.  Four years ago we and yes I say we,me,and you made a serious mistake in electing someone to run the BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD that was not qualified to be the boss.  We got what we ask for.  A DISASTER!!!!

However, we did not learn from that mistake and we,me, and you made the same mistake again.  You say don’t include me as I did not vote for the mistake again.  It does not matter who you voted for YOU ARE THE BOSS and if you want to be the boss you are responsible for the  mistake.

Ask yourself this question:  Did I  do everything I could to correct the first mistake? Now be truthful with yourself.  Remember YOU ARE THE BOSS.  The buck stops here and that is with we, me, and you.  Lots to think about here so think about what has been said and come back for more ideas, comments, to help we, me, and you correct our mistake number two.

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