Another Reason to Correct Our Mistakes of 2012

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  • If we had a management experienced person,a leader, a Chairman of the Board, someone who had even run a Candy Store. Now all you Candy Store owners don’t get mad.
  • This is just a way to get people who made a mistake in 2012 to pay attention to just who is supposed to be running the country. The country that we know,  is the best country in the world.  The country who is now being run by the VACATIONER IN CHIEF, THE GOLFER IN CHIEF, THE BLAMER IN CHIEF,  THE MISSING IN ACTION CHIEF,  THE I DON’T HAVE TO TELL THE TRUTH CHIEF,  and you add your own SUPER IN CHIEF descriptions.  If we had a leader,  there would have been no Holiday Vacations for the leader or for anyone else that has been given the responsibility to solve the problems of the Greatest Country in the World.
  • If this leader and rest of these responsible people had a job in the private  sector they would be looking for a job immediately upon not doing the job that they are paid to do.  There should have been no vacations until the work that needed done was done.  Enough rambling for now.  Think about the above and how we will correct my, our, and your mistake made in 2012.

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