Tree Huggers Will Never Understand?

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Tree Huggers don’t understand and don’t want to understand why hunters hunt or why fisherman fish. They don’t want to understand no matter what you say to them, what they hear, or what they read.
For a hunter or a fisherman the time he or she spends in the deer stand or with a fishing pole in hand is a super close visit with nature. A time to reflect on the great country we live in. A time to think about the good things in ones life. A time to think and try to solve the problems in ones life. If you think you have problems just pay attention to the personal problems of others. Pay attention to the medical problems of others. Pay attention to the financial problems of others and the financial problems of our great country. Just pay attention as that is the way we learn. IF YOU HAD ANY THOUGHTS AS YOU READ THE LAST FEW LINES——You don’t have any problems!!!!!!
Some people use Yoga. Some people meditate. Some people just sit quietly. Some people read a good book. Some people read the Bible. What ever you do to combat the stresses of life that is SUPER. Hunters
hunt and fisherman fish to accomplish the same thing you do in a different way. Bet they won’t complain about your way so don’t complain about their way. LIFE IS TOO SHORT.

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