Obama gives last news conference full of lies. Watch this post and will try to list them as can!!!!‘

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He says if debt limit not raised Social Security Checks and Veterans
benefits will be delayed. Same untruth or is it a lie he used last
Obama as Senator voted against raising debt ceiling when he a Senator
And Bush was President. Said it was a failure of Leadership by George
Bush but now says he must have the money without any questions being
asked. If you believe this we are on our way to being Greece????
Taxes won’t go up for the middle class. Untruth or lie?
4. I have already cut 4 billion in expenses!!! Not true! Untruth or lie?
5. Taxes will not go up for anyone making less than $250,000.00. However, taxes go up almost $100.00 a month for wage earners earning
way less than $250,000.00. Untruth or a lie?

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