Let’s be Honest? Anyone who never made a mistake, never did anything! Just a couple of thoughts that if you voted to re-elect President Obama you should consider! If you think you made a mistake that is OK! However, as you think about what is happening to this great country give us your thoughts in a form of a comment on this posting. Everyone can learn from a mistake so help us learn. Did you ever see a person who is charged with running a Company or in this case charged with running this great country do everything that doesn’t solve problems and spends Taxpayers money to accomplish nothing? Don’t think you have! And if you have we hope they are looking for a new job before they ruin the Company or Country they are in charge of! The American People can put a stop to this MADNESS in Washington! 1. Stand up for your rights! 2. Get Informed! 3. Get Involved in any way you can. 4. Don’t get mad, Just get even!

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