What are you missing America???? The choice for President of the United States in November is 1. A women who is a crook for the last 30 years! Who was will to compromise National Security by using a private server in the basement of her home!!! Who has lied to congress!! Who has lied to the American people many times!!! Who appears to have used the Clinton Foundation for her own Money and for “pay to play!!! Who may have serious health problems!!! Who accomplished nothing but mistakes with President Obama when Secretary of State!!! And many more crooked things that take to much room to type here. 2. We have a man who is a super successful business man. Who beat 16 others for the Republic nomination!!! Who funded his own primary!!! Who has a great family!!! Who has a plan to cut taxes by a super amount!!! And much more positive qualities!!! BUT right now Americans are voting for the crook!!!! Wake Up America!!!!

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